Pavel's Thorens TD124

" If you feel that only a miracle could save your Thorens - Greg Metz can make that miracle happen ... "

​Anil Asher

      My TD124 sings after STS TURNTABLES restoration . Their knowledge of the Thorens tables and tradition shines through in their attention to detail and the aesthetics applied to their work . Their consistent communication with me and documentation of the process via pictures resulted in a very enjoyable experience .

      My project involved fine tuning of the TD124 table , a new Walnut plinth with Bamboo top , mounting of a 12" arm and all the parts and pieces required for the job . STS sourced the parts from the lift assembly to the arm spacer . The end result is pure pleasure , even when the table isn't spinning . Highly recommended , Thanks STS .

Pete D'Ewart

                      Joel's Thorens TD124

         I first came in contact with STS TURNTABLES at when I wrote them for some information on how to properly pack a thorens TD124 I just purchased off ebay . I really knew next to nothing about the table other than reading that it was one of the best turntables ever produced . I spoke to their engineer Mr. Metz . I noticed right away that his passion for these iconic machines was unmistakable . I knew within moments that I had found someone that was not doing this work for just profit . I learned how his experience and knowledge had come directly from original Swiss engineers who mentored him . I was and still am amazed at his in depth understanding of how Thorens had designed and meant for these tables to operate the most efficiently . Unlike other companies I read about online , STS keeps you involved with your build , repair or restoration . They sent me photos of their progress and never do anything I do not authorize . Mr. Metz not only knows practically all there is to know about Thorens turntables , he also has the same passion for tone arms and phono cartridges . I have read so many online so called experts in the forums and have found so many things to be mostly in error . STS TURNTABLES has taken my TD124 from a tired old relic of the past and performed absolute miracles with it . From top to bottom , they will restore to an original condition to where it has just come from the factory , or in my case , using the latest technologies and high tech materials , created a one of a kind table .

        In summary , I trust no one else with my prized turntable . Pricing is reasonable and fair . Communication is always open and prompt . Work ethic is second to none . I have heard horror stories about some other companies that claim to know what they are doing with these timeless objects . All I know is I could not ask for better customer service , professionalism and quality than I have gotten from STS TURNTABLES   

Joel E. Rencehausen

Tuscon AZ.


                Jeff Gold's Thorens TD124

      I'm absolutely blown away with the Thorens TD124 Greg at  built for me. Immaculately restored and customized to my specifications , it's visually stunning and sounds fantastic -- I can't believe what a difference in sound a turntable can make !

     Greg was a pure pleasure to work with ; he described every stage of the restoration , sent photos to keep me in the loop , and delivered my turntable two weeks ahead of schedule . And his packing job was the best I've ever seen -- and I'm in the mail order business . I can't recommend him more highly !

             Thank You !

Jeff Gold

   What Our  Customers          Have To Say !

 I want to thank Greg and STS Turntables publicly for the very fine restored Thorens TD 124 I purchased from them. Sound quality starts at the source, and replacing my belt-drive table with this Swiss classic made a profound improvement to mine. The thorough workmanship they undertook makes the table seem almost brand new, despite being half-a-century old. Everything about dealing with them is top shelf. Greg has to be the American Guru of Thorens. And the delivered package was just amazing, by far the best packing job I have ever had the pleasure to open. I strongly encourage anyone with an affection for analog to contact Greg and go over your options. He provided me with exactly what I was looking for, at a very reasonable and accommodating price. Take advantage now because word is spreading about the fantastic sound and value of these vintage tables. Once again, I am quite thrilled with mine, and my whole record collection is coming alive like never before.                              Craig, Jacksonville FL

It has been my dream to own a Thorens TD 124 turntable for ten years. Now, thanks to Classic Vintage Turntables  , my dream has been fulfilled. I contacted CVT about restoring my turntable after I acquired it. It had a number of issues, including a non-working tone arm. They were very personable and took a lot of time explaining to me what needed to be done. In addition, they provided me with all the boxing materials I needed to safely send my turntable to his location for repairs, as well as detailed instructions for how to disassemble and pack the turntable for shipping. Having these materials made the process so much easier!  CVT maintained communication with me via e-mail as the repair and refurbishing progressed, including detailed photographs showing each stage of the restoration. The turn around time was very quick and the table came back in exceptional condition. It is a brand new table! The first night I hooked it up I was up until 3 am listening. I couldn't stop.  The service provided by the team at Classic Vintage Turntables is first rate. If you have a TD 124 and want to make it sing and last for another 60 years, do not hesitate. Send it to CVT . I cannot thank them enough.
Andy Cuellar
Northern California

Andy's Beautiful Thorens TD124

Craig's TD124

Vernon's Thorens TD124

Pete's Thorens TD124
Classic Thorens / Classic Garrard Turntables

                 I want to thank Greg from  . I've contacted Greg when I first found his posts on facebook .

    But let me introduce myself . I live in Moscow Russia .

    Greg is very nice person . He answered almost immediately . He is the most experienced person nowadays in Thorens turntables I have ever know . We spend many hours discussing my Thorens 124 and note that questions sounds like : "I have a problem but I do not know how to explain it correctly and do not know what to do , could you help me ?" And Greg so experienced that he promptly explained where and what exact problem my TT encountered . He provided me with tons of information . He provided me with contacts of persons who also helped me once knew that I'm from Greg . 

      I suppose everyone knows a vendor that is difficult to communicate with .  Once a vendor just disappeared and does not answer to me for about a month . So Greg helped me , contacted him and persuaded him to provide me with a discount . Could you believe that ? 

    Greg also send me a ball bearing for free despite I wanted to pay for it .

    What I can say that it is very pity that I did did not know Greg before I purchased my TT and followed recommendations and purchased some parts from someone else .

   What I can promise is that the next TT which I'll purchase will be sent directly to Greg , not to anyone else in the world despite loud name and advertisements in Europe .

        My highest recommendations to all


Moscow , Russia


I’ve owned a Thorens 124 for a number of years. I had read about STS turntables' excellent restoration service and finally pulled the trigger. Greg lives fairly close to Nashville so I thought my wife and I would make a weekend of it and drop-off the turntable. Greg is one of the leading Thorens experts in the country yet he is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I decided to do the full restoration including a new plinth. During the process, Greg sent me pictures of what he had accomplished and told me what he had left to do. He gave me a price and that was it. He didn’t try to tack on additional costs later.  The restoration takes him many hours and I think his pricing is very fair for the quality of work you are getting. For instance, he told me it takes him about 3 hours just to pack a turntable for shipping!  And I believe it - everything was packed very well - nothing was left to chance. After setting the table up I knew before I even turned it on that the restoration was very well done. The platter spun silently and smoothly. The table, plinth, arm and cables all went together perfectly. The fit and finish are excellent. When I turned the table on for the first time it came-up to speed immediately with no hum or feedback….. dead silence….until I dropped the needle! Then all I can say is WOW! Images float in midair, the midrange is meaty and the bass is rock solid. This is what top-notch analog is all about!  Highly Recommended for service, price, communication, packing and workmanship! A++
Best Regards,
Scott Bayne

Scott Bayne's Beautiful Thorens TD124

STANDING TALL: I found STS TURNTABLES on the internet and gave them a call about purchasing a Thorens TD124 . Greg is not one to hurry you off the phone so it wasn't long before I realized I was listening to an expert , as Greg related tons of information about Thorens turntables . STS TURNTABLES , superior workmanship combined with unmatched knowledge . It's obvious Greg has his heart in his work , the result is the excellence you're looking for .

Vernon Franklin

Pell City , AL.

Anil's Thorens TD124

  Thorens TD124 Garrard 301 / 401    Restoration BY THORENS PROS

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