Thorens TD124 Garrard 301 / 401    Restoration BY STS TURNTABLES

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Warped Records ? , No Problem For A Thorens TD124 !!!

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This is our fully restored extremely rare early TD124 , possibly the only one of it's kind !


You are viewing an extremely rare possibly one of a kind Thorens TD124 . We have restored this unit to perfection . Many of the parts are one of a kind , not found on any other Thorens TD124 . The chassis itself weighs 5 pounds and is apparently from a sand casting process , not the standard mould Thorens used . Many differences from a serial production TD124 are noted . We have this rare piece in our collection here at STS TURNTABLES . The worlds leading Thorens TD124 experts have seen this table and have also remarked that they have not seen one like it before !

Shown equipped with an early pre serial first run and also rare SME 3009 series one tonearm on  an era correct thick oiled Black Walnut armboard . A truly rare Thorens turntable !

We assumed this was an ordinary early production TD124 when we first acquired the unit , then once in our shop we noticed some distinct differences in it's construction and began investigating . We can find no other TD124 like this unit .