Thorens TD124 Garrard 301 / 401    Restoration BY STS TURNTABLES

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                  Thorens TD124  Idler Wheel & Belt DriveTurntables



Classic Thorens / Classic Garrard Turntables


      Fully Restored      Thorens Turntables          Now Available !

            And 6                   TD124s under               Construction            Available Soon !!!

​    3 Garrard 301s        Currently Available




        Item 3004  Thorens TD124 Restored 1957 Turntable 

                       New Plinth , EARLY Rebuilt SME 3009 Series II Tonearm ,

                        New Power Cord , Premium MKII Motor Suspension

                       New Professional Paint with Clear Coat



        Item 25  Garrard 301 Early Grease Bearing  Rimless Model

                       New Plinth , Rebuilt SME 3009 Tonearm ,

                       Original Platter Mat , The Garrard is Rebuilt ,

                       Original Beautiful Baked Hammerite Paint Finish,                                      

        Item 3005 A through E

                        Thorens TD124 CUSTOM BUILD ,

                       We can build a table like this for you ,       

                    choices of colors and types of tonearms are left up to you ,

                          A personal TD124 one of a kind built just for you

        Item 2999    Thorens TD124 Restored 1957 Turntable

​                         New Plinth , EARLY Rebuilt SME 3009 Series II Tonearm ,
                         New RCA Interconnect Cable , New Power Cord ,
                         New Professional Paint with Clear Coat 

        Item 1001    Thorens Custom TD124 

                       Restored Thorens TD124
                       Ortofon RMG309 Tonearm
                  New Solid Walnut Damped Plinth 
      MKII motor upgrade with Blue Elastomer Grommet System 
                       New O-ring idler wheel 
                       New Spirit Bubble Level
                       New Complete Custom wiring

                       Custom tall heavy top platter

                       Candy Red Paint Job

                         and much much more

         Item 26   Garrard 301 Grease Bearing Rimless Model 

                           Rebuilt condition with Original Paint

                           Massive Makassar Ebony Plinth

                          SME 3012 SERIES ONE Tonearm

                          SME 3009 SERIES ONE Tonearm

​                          Headshells and Cartridges can be

                             ordered to suit your needs

         Item 2     Thorens TD124 Custom Build

                        Several custom parts including 

                        Stainless Steel top platter

                        Reto Andreoli Main Bearing

                        Swissinor Non Magnetic Main Platter

             Stainless Steel Idler or audiosilente aluminum idler choice 

      High Torque E50 motor with premium blue elastomer suspension

                                   And More ........