Thorens TD124 Garrard 301 / 401 Restoration BY


Classic Thorens / Classic Garrard Turntables

Custom Shop Services

We Will Custom Build a Thorens TD124 for You

        Color , Style , and Parts of Your Choice

Full Maintenance Services using Specific Procedures Developed Specifically for Vintage Thorens Turntables

Restoration Services Bring Your Heirloom Vintage Thorens or Garrard Turntable                                             Back to Life !  

Our Technician is trained by Retired Swiss Thorens Engineering Staff for full service and restoration of vintage Thorens Turntables

Restoration Services

Maintenance Services

Swiss Trained Technician

Professional Thorens Restoration and Service

Upgrades and Custom Built Thorens TD124's

Garrard 301 Garrard 401