Thorens TD124 Restoration BY STSturntables

Classic Thorens Turntables

We can build one like this for you ! A total custom Thorens TD124


Every Option and Upgrade in this Beautiful Thorens TD124

Audiosilente Hi Torque Motor Coils

Stainless Steel Machined Main Platter Non Magnetic

Aluminum Machined Top Platter Non Magnetic

Stainless Steel O-ring Idler Wheel 

STS TURNTABLES Oversize Long Main Bearing

Silicone Gel / Elastomer Chassis Suspension

STS TURNTABLES MKII Rubber Grommet / Blue Elastomer   Motor Suspension and Custom 60Hz Pulley

Custom Wiring Throughout the Chassis

Thick Flat Thorens TD320 Platter Mat

Full Restoration and Custom Paint

Oversize Heavy Piano Gloss Black Plinth

Ortofon RMG309 Tonearm

​Ortofon Hi Jack Arm Lift

Ortofon SPU Cartridge

"THE DARK KNIGHT"     Our Custom Shop Built Thorens TD124 Turntable