Thorens TD124 Restoration 

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STS TURNTABLES is a family run business centrally located in the heartland of the USA near Nashville Tennessee .

   We are committed to providing great customer service , assisting you in locating the parts to repair or upgrade your vintage turntable and also support after the sale .

   Our technician has 47 years of experience with electronics and mechanics , He is Swiss trained by original Thorens engineering staff in the proper techniques of Thorens turntable repair and restoration . Hundreds of Thorens Turntables have been restored or serviced in our shop . Thorens TD124 E50 motor service since 1960 .

   Specific procedures and guidelines are followed to maintain or restore your turntable We produce the finest Thorens TD124s available anywhere in the world ! . 

   Professional packaging services are used to protect your valuable investment for shipping back to you . Turntables are securely wrapped and double boxed for shipping .

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Let us place your Thorens into this lineup for a total restoration !


Thorens TD124 Restoration BY STSturntables

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